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watch how Northern makes every log, every board better.

Short videos highlight quality steps we take – from forest-to mill- to you.

See how our dedicated team gives customers all over the world Northern Hardwoods premium quality.

our quality is built into our process, board by board

Northern Hardwoods Premium check

From harvest to market, Northern Hardwoods specialists use over 22 Quality Assurance PREMIUM CHECKS that ensure our premium hardwoods always exceed NHLA and industry standards.

The checkpoints are mandatory at every step of harvest, manufacture and delivery.

We train and re-train for every Premium Checkpoint.

Every Northern Hardwoods employee has Premium Checks as part of their job requirements.

quality at every step
Northern Hardwoods True Master Drying

300,000 board feet of kiln capacity and 600,000 board feet of pre-dryer capacity is constantly controlled by kiln specialists with decades of experience and our process includes:

Careful board spacing and stacking allows maximum air flow to every inch of wood.

Board end-coating prevents splits and damage during drying.

Pre-dry conditioning cures large volumes for the kiln.

Specialized wood core testing multiple times through drying process.

Kiln computer checks for temperature and humidity.

Constant package rotation in pre-dryer insures consistent and quality drying and appearance of lumber.

never too dry, never too wet
Northern hardwoods poorer face grading advantage

Our NHLA-trained lumber graders have keen eyes and a strong track record to always grade to the poorer face of each and every board.

Northern hardwoods consistent quality: every board, every order